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23 October Larabeck has Crew

November 5, 2011
Sunday 23 October 2011
Santo Island, Vanuatu
Hi everybody,
I found crew and it looks like a fun tip to Australia is in the works. More details in the next couple days.
Richmond, Virginia
Ahoy too from Sharon, who is on her way home from the College Music Society conference (Richmond, VA) today.  It was good to visit with colleagues from accross the country.  Also had time to meet with textbook reps and found a few suitable choices for a music theory course she is developing at UIS.  Saturday she took a trip to the Atlantic ocean to see the water.  It wasn’t as blue as the South Pacific, but there were many sailboats out on some of th inland waters that were beautiful to watch.  Also went to the Mariner’s museum near Hampton.  It was too big to see everything, but I did see an interesting exhibit on the recovery of  parts of the Civil War ironclad boat, the USS Monitor, which sunk off Cape Hatteras over 100 years ago…and much more.
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