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19 October more in Richmond

November 5, 2011
Ahoy, Sharon here.  Michael is still at Santo, Vanuatu preparing for the Larabeck’s passage to Bundaberg Australia, and he says “hello.”
I am now in Richmond, Virginia with UIS adjunct music faculty member Brian Pryor, where we had a delightful day.  We walked the historic James River and Kanawha Canal district and experienced a lot of history this morning before the College Music Society conference began.  We met lots of interesting and friendly colleagues at the Music Technology Pre-Conference. The keynote speakers talked about interdisciplinary Music Technology projects and gave us not only new ideas to think about but also something to be proud of in that we are already integrating disciplines with our MUS/SOA 281 “Music, Technology and Culture” course, that Brian and I developed as a team at UIS.
Sharon and Brian
Larabeck Land Contingent (we’re pretty close to the Atlantic here in Richmond so we won’t say we are “landlocked” as is the case when in Springfield, IL)
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