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16 October Larabeck Landcrew Lola

November 5, 2011
Hello Folks,
Sharon reporting here.   Michael says “hello” and that I should give a report on the landcrew, as he thought it might be more interesting than hearing about how he sanded and caulked the Larabeck deck all day : )
This weekend I received a visit from Lola, whom we met many years ago in Michigan, who stopped here in Springfield on her way to her winter home in southern Missouri.  She is travelling with her three horses and cat.  She has been accompanying us on many travels accross the country (U.S.), including moving our horses from Michigan to Colorado, and then from Colorado to Illinois.  Most recently she made to “people deliveries” for us when we were moving the Larabeck down the rivers from St. Louis to Mobile, Alabama.  First she picked us up at Kentucky Lake and took us back to our car at our starting point in Kimmswick, Missouri, just south of St. Louis.  Next she drove all the way to Mobile, Alabama, went for a sail in the bay with us, and then drove us back to where we had left the car at Kentucky Lake before making our two-week trip down the river system.
Lola is also a retired music educator so she was interested to accompany me to the UIS Homecoming Basketball game where the Pep Band was performing Saturday.  She helped us get the stage for the band set up, and enjoyed the music.  The game was great too–it was very close in the end, but the faculty/alumni team pulled through and won by a few points.  Our new adjunct music faculty member, Abby Walsh’s husband Ben (Business College faculty member) played on the faculty/alumni team and so it was fun to sit with her and cheer him and the rest of the team on. Meanwhile Brian Pryor, also adjunct music faculty, led the Pep Band adding great pizzazz to the event.
After the game was over, we headed out to Heather and Pat’s (Pat, the Larabeck webmaster) for some delicious food (Heather’s a master griller) and and a cheery bonfire.  The weather was just perfect.
So that’s the news from the Larabeck Landcrew,
Best regards,
Sharon and Lola
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